Close Up Magic by George

"Magic is all around us, the trick is to see it"

Close-up magic is the perfect entertainment for your event: whether at a wedding, a family party, a dinner, conference or a birthday, close-up magic is an effective ice-breaker which will get your guests talking, laughing, thinking, and enjoying themselves.

My magic is performed up close amongst the guests. Perhaps I arrive unannounced, and before the guests realise what is happening, they are already in the middle of a show! Or while they wait to be served, I can visit each table in turn for their own individual, spontaneous, magical experience. 

The show can be designed in many different ways and is ideal for both sitting and standing guests, without the need for a stage setting or expensive gear. It builds from your requirements, my spontaneity, and the curiosity of the audience.

Amaze your guests with close-up magic: they will remember the experience, and your event, forever.

I perform also for kids.

I perform in three languages: Swedish, English and Greek.


George Grigoriadis
0735 012 348


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